About me

Hey there! I'm Aswin Shibu, VP of Sales at MixRank.com & Mattermark.com. I've been in the sales intelligence space for ~5 years now. I started off as an SDR, and became the Head of Sales at Profoundis. We were then acquired by FullContact, where I led a bigger team under a smaller title. 2 years later, I moved on to MixRank, where I joined as the Head of Business Development where I was the only sales rep at the time.

We're now a distributed team of 6, and I lead sales for MixRank.com, as well as our sister company, Mattermark.com.

Some more metrics

  • I once ran a team that sent 3,000 emails per day per month as part of our outbound sales efforts. We weren't very good.
  • I got pretty emotional over a salary negotiation conversation. My manager tried to pay me more.
  • During my first stint as an SDR, I cold-emailed Tomasz Tunguz during Christmas and made him review my scrappy sales forecasting plan in a Google Doc.
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